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Gewek Shop Terms and Conditions.

For security reasons, since October 22, 2007, we keep track of the IP address used to place the order, as well as the name of the ISP if the determination is conclusive. These data are not transferred to third parties, they are used in case of disputes only.
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Company: Destock Boutik LTD
Address: Hong Kong

The GEWEK Shop is owned by DB LTD, based in Hong Kong.

Article 1: Fields of Application and Modification of the General Conditions of Sale Law of article L111-1 of the Code of Consumption.
These general conditions of sale apply only to orders placed on the Gewek Shop website (www.shop.Gewek.com). The GEWEK Shop reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these general conditions of sale. In case of modification, the general conditions of sale in force on the day of the order will be applied to each order.

Article 2: Availability of products Our product offerings and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limit of available stocks. On receipt of your order, we check the availability of the product (s) ordered. In the event of unavailability, we commit ourselves within 30 days from the validation of the order either to deliver the product ordered to you, to offer you a similar product at a similar price, or to refund it to you.

Article 3: Validation of orders and electronic signature (law of 13 March 2000 on the electronic signature)
Any order signed by the consumer by "double clicking" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can only be called into question within the limits provided for in these general conditions of sale. The "double click" associated with the authentication and non-repudiation procedure and the protection of the integrity of the messages constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between the parties in the same way as a handwritten signature.

Article 4: VAT
All products sold on the GEWEK Shop are OUT OF TAX.
For taxes out of Thailand see the laws of your country concern tax duties before any orders on the Gewek Shop.
All requests by the authorities of the customer's country as invoice for purchase, etc ... .should be transmitted by the customer only.
The GEWEKk Shop will not be responsible for charges, taxes, requests for documents .

Article 5: Computing and Freedoms
The information collected by The GEWEK Shop during any Order by a Customer is necessary for the proper management of this Order. In accordance with the Data Protection Act nº 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the Customer has the right to access, rectify, oppose and delete personal data concerning him by writing, by mail and His / her identity, at the GEWEK Shop present General Conditions of Sale, the Customer gives his consent to the use, by the GEWEK Shop, of the nominative data concerning him.

Article 6: DELIVERY
Terms of delivery
All our shipments are from Thailand.
Orders are shipped by standard mail with or without parcel number * for shipments below 500gr only. The details of your shipment will be communicated to you by e-mail after the preparation and delivery of your order.
The following delivery methods are available:
-Free Shipping without tracking and Without insurance.
-With Tracking and Without insurance.
-With Tracking and With insurance.
** Your order will be processed within 3/5 working days (be careful + 7 hours jet lag with Thailand) then placed at the carrier to be shipped.

6-1. Place of delivery: The Products are delivered by carrier against signature in express to the delivery address indicated by the Customer, in the name of the Customer, during the ordering procedure on the Site.

The consumer is obliged to check the condition of the packaging of the goods on delivery and to report the damage due to the carrier on the delivery note and to the company GEWEK Shop within one week.
Shipments by Airmal can be distributed in your mailbox directly or withdrawn in your post office. (See with your local post office)

6-2. Absence on the day of delivery: Depending on the case, the carrier may leave a notice of transit in the Customer's mailbox, inviting the latter to contact the carrier nearest his domicile or to contact him for Make a delivery appointment. We invite you to check your tracking regularly.

6-3. Delay in delivery: It is possible that a parcel will not arrive within the time limits announced by the carrier. A tracking number will be sent to you when your package is shipped, so you can follow it on the carrier's website. In this case, the Customer must contact the carrier and give him the number of the parcel indicated in his "Account".

6-4. Loss of parcels: In case of loss of parcels (in Express with insurance only), the GEWEK Shop is obliged to respect the deadlines imposed by the carrier regarding the declaration of loss and the reimbursement of the shipment (Express only). In fact, the Customer is also bound by these deadlines. Consequently, the Customer has a maximum delay of 10 working days from receipt of the confirmation email of the shipment of its parcel to declare it lost to GEWEK Shop. Beyond this deadline, no claim will be taken into account. If the Customer has declared his parcel lost to the carrier within the above-mentioned time limit, the GEWEK Shop will be responsible for having a claim file opened. In this context, the carrier may ask GEWEK Shop for the documents necessary for the compilation of this file, which the Customer undertakes to provide. Final responses to the surveys are given by carriers within a period of one to three weeks. The answer can be of two types: either the parcel is found and it is returned to the customer according to the normal procedure or the parcel is declared lost by the carrier and the GEWEK Shop informs the Customer and makes a second shipment or refund (Declared Value for Customs) at Customer's discretion.

6-5. Reception of the package: Damaged or defective product (in Express only): Any product delivered must be checked and any reservations on the slip of the carrier in case of partial or total deterioration (only in express). Failing this, the Product is deemed to be delivered in good condition and can not be the subject of any subsequent dispute. In addition, any damaged or defective Product must be notified on the same day of receipt or at the latest on the first working day following receipt at GEWEK Shop. We advise you to take pictures of the package before opening and products. To do this, the Customer must contact the GEWEK Shop via the "contact us" section. The Customer will then receive a confirmation of the registration of this notification by email. The Customer may return the damaged or defective Product, in its original packaging, with the original labels and return receipt, to GEWEK Shop - return number at the address shown in Hereof. Any parcel that does not have a valid return number on its postal label will be refused. Our customer service will then check. If the Product has a manufacturing defect, it will be exchanged as soon as possible or refunded in case of stock shortage. The cost of returning a standard shipment will be refunded to the Customer, at the latest within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the return.

6-6. Error of delivery: The Customer must formulate, via the service "Contact us", any complaint of non-conformity of the Products in kind of its order, in quality or in quantity compared to the indications appearing on the invoice the same day of reception or No later than the first business day following receipt. Any complaint of non conformity not made in the rules defined above and in the time allowed will not be taken into account and will release the Gewek Shop from any responsibility towards the Customer. The Product in perfect condition, in its packaging d With the original labels and return receipt duly completed, will be returned to the GEWEK Shop - return number at the address shown above. Any parcel that does not have a valid return number on its postal label will be refused.

6-7.Payment processing: IASP / Unclaimed / Refused: If your parcel is returned by our provider for one of the following reasons:
- NPAI (Not Habitable at the Address indicated), - Unclaimed parcel during Its period of proceedings,
- Parcel refused by the consignee upon delivery, After receipt and acceptance of the return, we will proceed to a refund of the value of the order, excluding delivery charges, return costs, Period of 30 days.
The cost of sending the parcel will be re-calculated and invoiced to the customer (Less the 6.90 € of the package already settled). In case of redirection request this shipping costs will be invoiced to you.

6-8. Hazardous or prohibited products: If an order contains dangerous or prohibited products in the country of destination, customs services may seize the product (s) at issue. The customer is fully responsible for the goods ordered and must inquire with the customs administration of his country of residence and / or shipping, before proceeding to the validation of his order on GEWEK Shop will under no circumstances be held To refund, even partially, the seized products, and will not in any case be responsible for the financial losses and damages suffered by the customer. The customer who ordered the impugned articles is the sole financially and criminally responsible, as regards the importation of these products into the territory of destination and their use.

Article 8: Products, tarifs, import taxes and customs clearance: The price in force is the one indicated on the Site on the date of the order made by the Client, the tariffs can be modified at any time. There is no guarantee for the supply and dispatch of the Products indicated on the Site. In case of delay, the Client will be informed directly on the Site or by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the Client. The displayed prices of the Products are indicated in euros and excluding Taxes. The photos shown on the site are not contractual. The owner of the shop being a Chinese exporter, the prices indicated on the Site are Duty Free. Consequently, the export VAT will not be invoiced, but the Customer will be able to pay the value-added tax of his country at the time of delivery. The amounts relating to this tax as well as any customs duties will be collected by the carrier at the time of delivery and then redistributed to the administrations concerned.
-For more information, visit the official website of the French customs
Customs rates are common to all countries of the European Union.
We invite you to consult the website of the French customs where you will find a table summarizing the current products sold by GEWEK Shop.
The customer undertakes, under his sole responsibility, to respect the local taxation rules applicable to him and to obtain information from the customs authorities of his country as regards the amount of taxes and the nature of the charges. Goods it wishes to import. We provide customs documents for all parcels destined for foreign countries. These documents summarize the total value of the content of your order and the nature of the goods.
The indicated prices do not include the processing and shipping costs which will be invoiced in addition and specified to the Customer in the order summary before the validation of the order. All prices are subject to a typographical error. Promotional offers are valid only within the two-fold limit of the period of validity of the offer concerned and the available stocks.
When you import products outside the European Union, you are the importer responsible for the products when the goods pass through the customs services of your country. According to our general conditions of sale, you can order what you want on GEWEK Shop and we will proceed with the sending of your order. However, it is your responsibility to make sure in advance that the products are eligible for import into your country.
Customs can inspect your products according to their goodwill. Any products not in compliance with the regulations in force can be confiscated without GEWEK Shop being held responsible.
Some inspections can lead to delays in delivery (usually 2 to 3 days).

Article 7: Return of Product
The Products sold by the Gewek Shop will not be taken back or exchanged.

Article 8: Warranty, Service and Limitation of Liability
All our equipment sold benefits:
- Legal guarantee of conformity
- Legal guarantee of hidden defects
- Manufacturer's warranty whose scope and duration differ according to the products and the marks.

8-1. The warranties, if any, applicable to the Products are those granted by their manufacturers for the duration stipulated in the warranty notice attached to the Products or 90 days in the absence of the latter. The conditions for the implementation and performance of this warranty are also set out in the warranty leaflet attached to the Products. The Gewek can not be held responsible for the misuse of the Products for sale on the site, in particular use for a purpose other than that provided by the manufacturer of the product, or failure to respect the storage instructions of the product. The cost of returning to the Gewek shop is at the Customer's expense. It may choose the carrier of its choice or make an economical shipment by the postal services. The returned products are the responsibility of the Customer until delivery to the Gewek Shop. The products exchanged or repaired will be returned to the Customer by the Gewek Shop, at its expense.

8-2. Only the devices purchased on the Gewek Shop site will be taken as collateral.

8-3. Limits of liability The photographs, texts, graphics, information and characteristics illustrating the Products presented on the Site are not contractual. Consequently, Gewek Shop can not be held liable for any error or omission in any of these photographs, text or graphics, information or characteristics of the Products or in the event of any change in the characteristics of the Products by The suppliers. The Gewek Shop can not be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded in case of stock shortage or unavailability of the Product, force majeure, disturbance or strike total or partial particularly postal services and means of transport And / or communications, flood, fire, Gewek Shop shall not be liable for any consequential damages, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damage or expense. In any case, delays in delivery will not give rise to damages, withholding or cancellation of orders in progress.

Article 9: Rights of use The right to use the software of the company Gewekk Shop, as well as those distributed by it, is granted to the consumer on a non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable basis, in accordance with the Code of Property intellectual. However, under Article L122-6-1 of this Code, the consumer has a right of reproduction exclusively for the making of a back-up copy, where this is necessary to preserve the use of the software. In any event, the author of the software retains a right of ownership over his work, which the consumer undertakes to respect.

Article 10: Force majeure. Neither party shall have failed to fulfill its contractual obligations, insofar as their performance will be delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or force majeure. Any event or circumstance which is irresistible, external to the parties, unforeseeable, unavoidable, independent of the will of the parties and which can not be prevented by the parties, in spite of all reasonable efforts, shall be regarded as a fortuitous event or force majeure. The party affected by such circumstances shall notify the other party within 10 working days of the date on which it becomes aware of it. In the event of force majeure, the two parties shall, within a period of one month, come together to examine the impact of the event and to agree on the conditions under which the performance of the contract will be continued. If the case of force majeure has a duration of more than three months, these general conditions may be terminated by the injured party. Expressly, force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, in addition to those usually adopted by the jurisprudence of the French courts and tribunals, are regarded as blocking means of transport or supplies, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning; The termination of the telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to the telecommunication networks external to the customers.

Article 11: Partial non-validation: If one or more stipulations of these general conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such pursuant to a law, a regulation or a final decision of a competent court, The other stipulations will retain their full force and reach.

Article 12: No waiver: The fact that one of the parties does not rely on a failure by the other party to any of the obligations referred to in these general conditions can not be interpreted for the future as A waiver of the obligation in question.

Article 13: Applicable Law - Competent Jurisdiction: These general conditions of sale are governed by the Chinese law. This is true of substantive rules as well as rules of form. In the event of a dispute, and after an attempt at conciliation, express jurisdiction is conferred on the competent courts, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or third parties, even in the case of interim measures, interim measures or applications. Terms and Conditions in force on 01/01/2012

Article 14: CONFIDENTIALITY OF DATA In order to meet your needs and ensure an optimal remote service, we are required to register certain items concerning you (surname, first name, address, etc ...). In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify the recorded data. You can also have them corrected by contacting our service. The privacy statement in accordance with the texts of CNIL is in progress.